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Mens Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle boots come in a huge variety of styles from casual trainers, touring and sports boots. To be well protected and safe, it’s very important to ride in good quality motorcycle boots. All motorcycle boots are CE certified to a Level 1 or Level 2, according to EN13634:2017 - Level 2 being the better of the two.


There are four tests that are mandatory for testing and each boot will have a rating for each of these sections. So if the inner label reads: 2 2 2 2 - then the boot is an overall level 2 rating, which is the highest level of protection. If the label reads 1 2 2 2 then the overall rating will be a level 1 but the only reason, will be due to the height of the boot. These are the tests these ratings refer to:

Height of Upper
Impact abrasion resistance of the upper
Impact cut resistance of the upper
Transverse rigidty of the whole footwear

We have several styles available, which suits most needs. They all feature strong, supportive soles and ankle impact protection. Most also have gear shift lever pads to prevent the leather on the top of the boot from premature wear. So whether you’re hitting the track or the motorway we have a great line of boots for you to choose from.

JTS motorcycle boots are made using excellent quality materials, including high grades of real leather and high performance waterproof, breathable membranes. We have also introduced wide fitting boots to our range to get the perfect fit.

Other brands we supply include TCX, Richa, Alpinestars, Oxford and Furygan. All offer the latest innovation and a wide range including sport or racing boots, touring boots and urban boots.

If you are unsure about your size or what size to order, please call and speak to one of our friendly staff for assistance.