Waterproof Motorcycle Clothing & Thermal Motorcycle Clothing

Our choice of one-piece waterproof over suits, plus separate waterproof trousers and waterproof jackets has you covered.


If you need lightweight, portable rain protection then JTS Biker Clothing has the answer. We supply the Richa range of excellent value waterproof motorcycle clothing, plus high performance offerings from Oxford and Alpinestars. We also have overboots and over gloves to help keep your feet and hands dry. All of the items in this section are designed to fit over your usual riding gear, so they’re not crash resistant and don’t contain any body armour – they’re specifically intended to keep you from getting wet in bad weather. This means they’re quick to put on and usually fold up pretty small so that they don’t take up too much space in bike luggage or work lockers.


Note: If you’re looking for protective waterproof clothing with armour built in then we have a wide choice in the following categories:

Get properly dressed for cold weather – start with high performance base layers.

Our thermal motorcycle clothing range includes essential cold weather riding items such as base layers, mid layers, neck warmers, balaclavas and more - we have items from JTS, Oxford and Alpinestars. For base layer tops and pants please see the Thermal Clothing category. For everything else please see the Thermal Accessories category.

Tip: For maximum warmth start with a close-fitting merino wool base layer, add a micofleece mid layer, then a waterproof textile motorcycle jacket with thermal liner. Use non-vented, waterproof motorcycle gloves and merino wool socks.