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Ladies Motorcycle Jeans

Motorcycle clothing is all CE approved to standard EN17092 with ratings of AAA, AA or A rating. All jeans are required to have CE approved protectors in the knees for all ratings. Various tests are performed to achieve a pass or above but to determine which class a garment falls into comes down to the impact abrasion resistance, seam strength and tear strength. A garment will have to achieve a rating of AAA in all these tests to be awarded an overall rating of AAA. A jean has to have hip protectors to achieve a AA rating.

Motorcycle jeans have become very popular for general riding. They look great with almost any type of jacket and are casual, yet protective. 


Motorcycle jeans are made from various materials, some using the same cotton denim material found in regular jeans, some with cordura denim or generally more abrasive resistant materials. Some also incorporate a secondary layer, which is Dupont™ Kevlar®, Covec® or Aramid itself. Some brands are fully lined, some have lining in the high impact areas and some have this material woven into the outer material. 
Our JTS Dupont™ Kevlar® jeans are lined in the high impact areas of vulnerability. This means they still provide adequate protection but are considerably more comfortable. They also include CE approved level 2 hip and knee armour.

We also offer water resistant versions of our JTS Dupont™ Kevlar® jeans. These have been applied with a fabric treatment that repels water and dirt. They are very effective in light showers and come highly recommended. Although fully-waterproof textile motorcycle trousers may be a better option for serious touring or commuting, motorcycle jeans are the definitely the winners in terms of style and simplicity.