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Motorcycle Leather Trousers

Motorcycle clothing is all CE approved to standard EN17092 with ratings of AAA, AA or A rating. All trousers are required to have CE approved protectors in the knees for all ratings. Various tests are performed to achieve a pass or above but to determine which class a garment falls into comes down to the impact abrasion resistance, seam strength and tear strength. A garment will have to achieve a rating of AAA in all these tests to be awarded an overall rating of AAA.


Motorcycle leather trousers are available in different leg lengths and extensive waist sizes, including our AAA rated JTS King Cobra Leather Trousers which are available in 3 leg lengths and from a 30 - 54 inch waist. 

We use cowhide for most of our JTS leather trousers, with typical thicknesses of about 1.2 to 1.4mm. This gives the optimum balance of safety performance and comfort. Leather is not completely waterproof, so if the rain starts to fall it may keep you dry for a short while but water could eventually soak through.

All motorcycle leather trousers come with level 1 or level 2 CE Approved protectors in the knee as standard and some come with hip protectors too, if not then with pockets to fit.