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Mens Motorcycle Textile Trousers

Motorcycle clothing is all CE approved to standard EN17092 with ratings of AAA, AA or A rating. All trousers are required to have CE approved protectors in the knees for all ratings. Various tests are performed to achieve a pass or above but to determine which class a garment falls into comes down to the impact abrasion resistance, seam strength and tear strength. A garment will have to achieve a rating of AAA in all these tests to be awarded an overall rating of AAA. A trouser has to have hip protectors to achieve a AA rating.


Motorcycle textile trousers are an all in one solution for keeping protected, dry and warm. The main material is usually a durable and abrasion resistant Nylon/Cordura fabric. Most motorcycle textile trousers feature a waterproof, breathable membrane between the outer shell and inner lining. The most common of these membranes are produced by Reissa and Hippora. Alpinestars have their membrane called Drystar. There’s also Gore-Tex, which is normally one of the best for breathability. The JTS textile motorcycle trousers have a Reissa waterproof membrane. We have two fantastic designs, the JTS Explorer Evo and the JTS Tourmax Evo both of these come in 5 leg lengths (also have adjustable knee protector pockets) and sizes from 28 - 60 inch waist.

Many of our textile trousers also feature removable quilted thermal liners, which make them suitable for all-year-round use. If you intend to do more summer than winter riding then look out for a pair that feature zip vents or areas of external mesh fabric that allow good airflow. If you are after a summer vented mesh motorcycle trouser, then we have some cool designs to recommend. At a fantastic price of only £99.99, the Oxford Arizona trouser is a great summer trouser to keep you cool.

All motorcycle trousers include level 1 or level 2 knee protectors as standard. All AA rated and above have level 1 or level 2 hip protectors included too. For general riding, commuting and touring, many riders would agree that textiles are a more versatile option than leather.

Motorcycle textile trousers can be worn instead of jeans/regular trousers or over the top – the choice is yours. In general, the hems should be worn over the top of boots, rather than tucked in. If you wish to attach to a jacket with the rear zip, be sure to keep both brands the same.