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Thermal Motorcycle Clothing

The best way to stay warm on a motorcycle is by layering your clothing according to the temperature outside. The layer you should wear next to your skin is known as a ‘base layer’. This should be close fitting to trap in heat. Base layers are usually thin, stretchy material to allow easy movement and remain breathable. Synthetic materials can perform well but we also sell Merino wool base layers that are warmer and wick away moisture better than synthetics. Merino wool also has natural anti-odour properties, meaning it can be worn for several days before needing a wash.

If it’s particularity cold outside then you can wear a second layer of thermal clothing called a ‘mid layer’. Air will be trapped between a base layer and a mid layer to keep the heat in (much like double glazing helps to keep a house warmer). A typical mid layer would be something like a microfleece.


Your normal outer layers (fleeces, jackets and trousers) would then complete your cold weather riding kit.

You can even use base layer inside motorcycle gloves. Synthetic material glove liners are very effective. Silk glove liners and the thinnest and have the most stretch, whilst still being very warm. Merino wool glove liners are the warmest option of all.