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Motorcycle Gloves

We have a huge range of quality motorcycle gloves at JTS Biker Clothing. The choice can broadly be divided into winter motorcycle gloves and summer motorcycle gloves. They all have leather protection on the palms and some feature textile or perforated leather areas to help breathability.


Our winter motorcycle gloves are insulated and also typically feature a waterproof, breathable membrane. Some of the brands we sell make use of Gore Tex. While all waterproof membranes do a great job, the Gore-Tex ones tend to be slightly superior when it comes to breathability - this does come at a price premium, however.

Our summer motorcycle gloves either have less insulation or no insulation and some even incorporate mesh fabric in non-vulnerable zones, which allows plenty of cooling air flow. Not all summer motorcycle gloves are waterproof but many of them are.

Because gloves with little or no insulation are thinner, they allow more feel for the bike’s controls than thick ones. That said, if your gloves aren’t appropriate for the conditions you’re riding in and your fingers get cold then you can lose feel. That’s why many riders have a pair of gloves for winter use and a pair for summer use.

It’s great if your motorcycle gloves have some kind of external protective armour. The more race and track focussed they are, the more armour they usually have but this technology is now used in plenty of touring and general purpose motorcycle gloves as well.

A good fit is very important. When trying new gloves, you should be able to make a loosely closed fist without too much restriction. However, you should not experience too much excess material at the end of your fingers when your hand is open. If you can push the leather or textile against the skin between your index finger and thumb when your hand is open that’s another sign of an ideal fit.

To measure your hand, use a fabric tape measure and take the measurement around your four knuckles (widest part of the palm). This can then be used against our size guide to work out what size you'll need. 

Above all, the aim is to feel comfortable and able to operate controls such as the indicator and horn buttons without excess material getting in the way. Bear in mind that leather can stretch, so new kit might be quite firm until it’s been worn-in.