Motorcycle Helmets

We're Proud Stockists of Shark, HJC, and MT Motorcycle Helmets


It’s vital to ride in a good quality motorcycle helmet from a reputable manufacturer. Experts also recommend investing in a new helmet every few years for maximum protection and safety. A comfortable, well-fitting helmet will allow you to ride with confidence and concentrate on the road ahead.

There’s a massive selection of styles to choose from, which are grouped on our website according to full-face, open-face, flip front or motocross types. Whatever kind of riding you do, we’re confident we’ll have a model that’s perfect for your needs.

Our range starts with excellent quality standard entry-level helmets. Alternatively, many of the mid-priced helmets we supply come with advanced features that were once only seen on the very high end models, such as quick release strap buckles, integrated sun visors, and Pinlock® anti-fog visor systems. However, if what you’re looking for is the latest and lightest full face helmet for sports road or track riding then we supply these too – leading models from Shark and HJC are the choice of many top racers in Superbikes and MotoGP.

All of our motorcycle helmets are brand new and supplied in the original box with labels and manufacturer’s care instructions included.

If you’re unsure about styles and prices, or just need some help and advice about buying a new motorcycle helmet, then please speak to one of our friendly staff for expert assistance. If you buy from our website and discover you need a different size, we offer a simple exchange service for most UK mainland areas.

Also, for your Shark, HJC, we have a number of spare parts and visor accessories, including Pinlock® anti-fog visor inserts.


Helmet Safety Ratings

The Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme, is a UK Government Department of Transport scheme for rating helmets and helping buyers to make informed decisions. If it's been tested, you can find the model you’re interested in on their website and view it's score. Do remember that correct fit is just as important though.

Checking the Fit

Concerned about ordering a motorcycle helmet online? Don't be, you can try your new helmet on for size and fit when it arrives and take as much time as you need to ensure you've purchased the correct one. If not, you can easily return it. Here's an overview of how to check the fit:

Hold the straps apart and place it firmly on your head. Some helmets have very thick padding around the neck, but don't be afraid to push past this, providing it doesn’t hurt and you're not likely to get your head stuck. Once it's on, the helmet should feel snug all around your head, especially on your cheeks. However, it shouldn’t cause a feeling of uncomfortable pressure anywhere - pay attention to how it feels on your forehead and temples area. When you take it off it should not leave any red marks on the skin of your forehead. Do bear in mind that helmets 'bed in' after some regular use, so over a relatively short period of time they will become a little more lose than when brand new. If you have any doubt, perhaps leave it on your head for 5 to 10 minutes and then see how you feel.

Fasten the strap properly (so that it is secure and relatively tight, without choking you) and try slowly rotating the helmet from side-to-side, ie. left-right-left-right. If you’re wearing a full face helmet your cheeks should follow the helmet’s movement, while remaining in contact with the cheek pads firmly and comfortably. If the helmet moves or slips on your head it’s probably too big, or just not a particularly great fit for you.

Next, try tilting the helmet forwards and backwards. Again, if it moves or slips easily, it’s probably the wrong size. A final test is to ask someone to try and roll the helmet off your head by carefully pushing up from the rear of the helmet at its base. Make sure that during this test the helmet stays on.