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Moto-X Helmets

At JTS Biker Clothing we have an awesome choice of moto-X helmets, with the latest graphics. We supply Shark and HJC.

They’re specifically designed to protect the rider under the extreme conditions of off-road riding. Modern off-road helmets benefit from technology developed for street helmets and are made from the latest materials. They feature long sun visors (or helmet peaks, as they’re also known) and elongated chin bars to maximise air flow for breathing because riding dirt bikes can be very physical.


Moto-X helmets do not have standard fitted visors. Instead they’re designed for use with goggles, which are better at protecting from dust and debris. If you’re buying a new moto-X helmet, be sure you have some goggles as well.

All of the moto-X helmets we sell at JTS Biker Clothing are ‘E’ marked to comply with legislation.