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Open Face Helmets

Open face helmets are easy to wear and suit the casual or custom bike rider. These days there are plenty of colour and graphics options to choose too.

There are 3 parts to the construction: First is usually an outer shell is to disperse energy throughout the helmet to reduce the force felt during an impact. Second is usually an expanded polystyrene liner to further absorb shock. Third is the comfort padding, which should help to ensure a correct fit.


The retention system comprises of the chin strap and fastener. There are two main types: ratchet fasteners and D-ring fasteners. Neither is necessarily better than the other but the ratchet fasteners can be quicker to undo.

Some open face helmets have visors, which can either be short (just covering the eyes as much as goggles would) or full (covering the whole face and sometimes the chin). Sun visors, or helmet peaks, as they’re also known are handy but only advisable for ‘round town speeds’ because at higher speeds they can be affected by the wind. A better option for protection against sun glare would be to look out for a model that features a drop down internal sun visor.

All of the open face helmets we sell at JTS Biker Clothing are ‘E’ marked to comply with legislation. There is currently no SHARP (Safety Helmet Assessment & Rating Programme) testing of for this category of helmet.

An open face helmet should fit as snug as possible without causing pressure against the forehead or discomfort anywhere else. If any of the padding covers the cheeks, it should be quite snug as it’s likely to bed in and compress a little after some use.