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JTS Ultimate Hoodie (Discontinued)

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From 4 Reviews

   17-Mar-2023    Elaine Attewell from Norfolk

"Was actually really well made, armour was good. It was just far too big, the arms were very long which made the armour be in the wrong places."

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the review Elaine. This is a Men's hoodie which is why the arms would be too long. There are some hoodies available in the ladies section."

   15-Apr-2022    Codi from Merseyside

"Could do with another 6-8 inches in the length but outher than that the jacket would of been perfect "

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for your review Codi. We have adjusted the length in the larger sizes by this amount on the new 2.0 version. "

   4-Feb-2022    Kyle Mcgrath from Wales

"I bought this hoodie back in October. Used throughout Winter comuting 15 mins to work and back. Perfect well insulated Hoodie and with this winter not being as cold wasn't too bad. Only issues I've had is the velcro on the inside pocket seems to wear away after 4 to 5 months. Also its quite short when standing could use a bit of extra length. It's fine when sat riding but stood feels a little too short."

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thanks for your feedback, Kyle. We have increased the length on the new hoodie. "

   17-Jun-2021    Carl Lowes from Hampshire

"Fantastic hoody! Exactly what I wanted design and weight wise, very comfortable, not too heavy, nice plain colour meaning I can wear it with anything and you’re not, ‘that guy’ with the bright yellow jacket at the party, the only downside is the jacket is a little short, I would have loved it to be about 6 inches longer so it covers my t-shirt completely. Not an issue when sat on the bike but I’m 6Foot and when stood straight the bottom of my T-shirt covering my stomach is on display"