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JTS Orlando Water Resistant Slim Fit Motorcycle Jeans

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From 60 Reviews

   22-May-2024    Peter Oxby from West Yorkshire

"A very comfortable and nice fitting riding jeans."

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the great review Peter!"

   14-May-2024    Ron Lucas from Northumberland

"I ordered 2 pairs of slim fit jeans, despite being a big guy. The fit and finish of the smaller size jeans was spot on, both on and off the bike. I returned the larger of the 2 pairs and got my money back in 3 working days. Excellent product and service."

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the awesome review Ron!"

   1-May-2024    Antony Lovric from GB

"Very good promt delivery exellent product great work thanks"

In reply JTS wrote:
"You're welcome Antony! Thank you for the great review!"

   23-Apr-2024    Dave Granados from Uk

"Comfortable and well made jeans"

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the great review Dave!"

   17-Apr-2024    David Armstrong from UK

"Perfect style and fit. Price outstanding for such an excellent quality product "

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the amazing review David!"

   2-Apr-2024    Darren Etteridge from Leicestershire

"5 stars for the price. Good level of AA protection and level 2 inserts - very good at this price point. Comfy and fitted as expected with plenty of length for when legs bent and adjustable knee inserts. Well put together - much better than cheap alternatives I've tried on a certain "next day website" - your legs are worth more than that! Definitely worth the money. Remember - dress for the slide not for the ride!"

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the amazing review Darren!"

   15-Mar-2024    Craig from Cheshire

"This is my 2nd pair of Jeans from JTS and that speaks for itself, wanted another colour the only reason ive ordered a 2nd pair and they are amazing quality and sizes especially when your small and fat. Nowhere else offered products for the weird shaped body sizes and JTS are the best out there. Thanks 5 stars well deserved !!!!!"

In reply JTS wrote:
"You're very welcome Craig! Thank you again for another amazing review!"

   27-Feb-2024    Peter Crawley from Uk

"Good fit , knee pads are quite chunky, so they are fairly obvious as bike jeans. "

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the review Peter. These are a slim fit jean so the pads are a bit more noticeable. These can be changed for level 1 armour which is a bit slimmer, or better still is the D3O ghost armour which is barely noticeable at all. "

   9-Feb-2024    Joe-luke Ryan from Surrey

"Great service from jts sent back and returned free of charge multiple times "

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the great review Joe!"

   24-Jan-2024    John Turner from hampshire uk

"this is the second pair off Orlando motorcycle jean I have had they are very good!"

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the great review John!"

   4-Jan-2024    Paul Rooks from England

"Very good quality ,excellent delivery 'armour is of good quality as well. And the main thing is the price was right."

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the great review Paul!"

   20-Dec-2023    Mark Gregson-allcott from UK

"Very nice thick material but not sure it's too water resistant but have not tested it fully, I have slim legs but they are a little tight so if you have thicker thighs and calves I'd go for the med fit rather than slim, also the waistband is slightly larger than the 36" purchased, having said this the quality is excellent, great styling, good colour as the black is true black and not grey like some, price is excellent based on many bike brands for the same quality, overall very happy with purchase "

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the great review Mark!"

   12-Dec-2023    Suzanne Barker from U.K.

"I love the JTS jeans. This was my 4tb pair so far. I went for the Orlando’s this time round for a slimmer fit but there was no real difference in the legs to the Ultimate warriors. I even compared them against one of my other pairs. I also noticed that the short leg that I ordered was nearly 3 inches longer as well than the others. However I have persevered with them as I still love them. The only thing I really wish for is that we didn’t have to pay £10 extra just because we’re bigger in the waist. Please keep up the amazing work JTS, I do love your clothing. "

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the amazing review of our Jeans Suzanne! We only charge a small increase for the larger sizes as we do such a large size range. When comparing the largest to the smallest there is a lot more material used so only a small increase in price really! But thank you for your appreciation of our clothing!"

   30-Nov-2023    David Armstrong from United Kingdom

"The perfect jeans for the taller rider. Comfortable fit whilst providing the protection you’d expect. This is the second pair in black and definitely the go to jeans for me.. "

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the great review David!"

   22-Nov-2023    David Armstrong from United kingdom

"Perfect slim fit for the taller rider. I’m 6”7 and the xxl leg length is perfect. High quality denim with the usual hip and knee protection that you would expect. Definitely ones to buy.. "

In reply JTS wrote:
"That’s great to hear! Thank you for the amazing review David!"

   21-Nov-2023    David Armstrong from United kingdom

"Perfect slim fit for the taller rider. I’m 6”7 and the xxl leg length is perfect. High quality denim with the usual hip and knee protection that you would expect. Definitely ones to buy.. "

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the great review David!"

   14-Nov-2023    Darren Boreham from Uk

"Good fit and leg length. My only gripe is the fitment of knee protection "

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the review Darren. The knee armour pockets are fully adjustable. You may need to adjust them to get them right before use. "

   1-Nov-2023    Colin Perry from Leicestershire

"Great jeans good fitting excellent price very pleased.bought me and my son a pair."

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the great review Colin!"

   25-Oct-2023    Steven Coyle from Kent

"Great quality,sized as normal jeans "

   17-Oct-2023    Steve Kennedy from Berkshire

"Excellent jeans. Having extra short leg length is a bonus for me. The jeans fit perfectly and are comfortable to ride in due to the stretchy material. They were delivered very quickly. Thanks."

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the great review Steve!"

   3-Oct-2023    Keith Tiplady from England

"Really pleased with the quality and fit, my second pair. Good work. "

In reply JTS wrote:
"You’re welcome! Thank you for the great review Keith!"

   3-Oct-2023    Kurt Dorey from Essex

"comfy on and off bike plus the hip & knee armour add extra safety,Knee armour is easy to position thanks to adjustable Velcro inside knee pockets"

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the great review Kurt!"

   29-Sep-2023    Nigel Vaughan from Cheshire

"Great pair of jeans , 3rd pair bought over the years, great investment. "

   4-Sep-2023    Steve Courtney from Devon

"Excellent product and service "

   29-Aug-2023    Big G from UK

"I'm just so please on the quality of make and fit is 100% true. At 6'2" I struggle for length and the extra long fit perfectly. I went for slim fit as wanted to ride with motorcycle sneakers and didn't want the flapping from normal fit and these are spot on."

   5-Aug-2023    John Milburn from Ceredigion

"Great Jeans. Thanks JTS for changing the size when the first pair were a little large in the waist. Great customer service. Happy customer. "

In reply JTS wrote:
"You're very welcome John and thank you for the great review!"

   5-Jul-2023    Keith Dace from Essex

"Second pair of these slim fit, third pair in all. Very good quality. A bit warmer to wear than I thought they would be, but no more so the another similar brand I had. Extra long is perfect length for me at 6’3” as I hate when my trousers don’t meet my summer ankle boots when sitting on bike. These overlap nicely. I don’t use any other brand jeans now. "

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the great review Keith!"

   3-Jul-2023    Martin Dunnicliffe from England

"Best Bike jeans I have purchased ! I upgraded the knee armour to ghost d30 and best choice i made! So comfortable and will buy a 2nd pair ! 10/10"

In reply JTS wrote:
"That’s great to hear! Thank you for reviewing them Martin. "

   1-Jun-2023    Michael Jones from Uk

"The new style jeans are such an improvement on my old pair of JTS jeans. These look like a normal pair of jeans but still have all the inbuilt protection. Very comfortable when on my bike and look really smart. Excellent service and delivery. "

In reply JTS wrote:
"We’re glad you like them Michael! Thank you for your review. "

   22-May-2023    Suzanne Barker from U.K.

"Great jeans, loads of stretch in them and very comfortable!! My 3rd pair of JTS jeans now! I don’t go elsewhere now!"

In reply JTS wrote:
"That’s great to hear! Thank you for the review Suzanne!"

   5-May-2023    Antonio Capasso from High Wycombe

"Top jeans i will buy again "

   25-Apr-2023    Nigel from Gloucestershire

"Perfect fit so comfortable and great quality, super fast delivery "

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the review Nigel!"

   21-Apr-2023    John Hart from Cornwall

"Comfortable, tough jeans with decent armour. Waist size a little large but just what you need in a predominantly sitting position. I use a belt and am very happy with them. They are not too baggy and should fit nicely over the non race boots which are on order."

   7-Apr-2023    Robert Hines from uk

"fit perfectly good quality real value for money plus fast delivery could not ask for more"

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the great review Robert. "

   28-Mar-2023    Barna from Antrim

"Very hard to find 28s size for myselft, but here I found. It is still a bit wide but with belt it is great, and have no problem, I can even put a base layer under it. This trouser is comfortable, movements are easy. It is just water resistant, it is not enough by itself in rain. Overall, I am happy with this product, and use it almost every day."

   6-Mar-2023    Simon Deegan from Warwickshire

"Love my new jeans great fit, service & delivery were perfect too."

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the great review Simon. "

   13-Oct-2022    Tim Daykin from Derbyshire

"I have bought a few things from JTS and everything I’ve bought has been great quality and a good fit, these trousers are excellent too."

   19-Sep-2022    Brett Nolker from United States

"I didn’t quite know what to expect, since I am in no way a “slim fit”, but the waist and hips fit great and the slightly small legs helps keep the armor in place. The stretch is just right, allowing for comfortable riding. I did switch out the armor for some ghost armor I already had, and the combination is perfect. The most impressive part was the shipping—48 hours to get them to my door clear across the pond! Thank you JTS!"

In reply JTS wrote:
"That was quick! Thank you for the review Brett."

   24-Aug-2022    Paul Walker from Cheshire

"I had ordered the Warrior jeans, but due to unavailability, I took the option to buy a pair of the Orlando jeans instead. When I first tried them on, it was one of the hottest days of the year and I struggled to get my legs down the (slim fit) leg holes!! My first thoughts were not good ones. However, once on, the stretch denim comes to the rescue and the jeans feel really comfortable. My worry that the apparent tightness of the slim fit legs would interfere with mobility, proved completely false. The jeans feel `light` to wear and I found moving, squatting, stretching and other movements that a man of my age should never attempt, really easy. The knee and hip armour feels good and perfectly positioned. I`m guessing that the jeans will `break in` over time and become even more comfortable. One word of caution though. My first ride out coincided with an unexpected rain shower. Water resistance was not in evidence and my shins and thighs got pretty wet, pretty quickly. That doesn`t bother me particularly, as I would usually wear waterproofs - and - unlike perhaps heavier denim jeans - these dried out within an hours or so. All in all, very pleased and thanks to JTS staff for helping me."

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the detailed review Paul. Glad you like the jeans we suggested but apologies about the water resistant coating. We will send you some Nikwax solution to resolve this."

   17-Aug-2022    Chris from uk

"I ordered these Jeans in 32 reg' slim fit,half expecting I would have to return them due to bad sizing but they are a perfect fit. Delivery was quick and easy. I'm very happy and will certainly be purchasing from JTS again, thanks"

   4-Aug-2022    Stephen Hand from Somerset

"Excellent service thanks "

   4-Aug-2022    Jim Stewardson from Bucks

"Tried other more well known makes on and the fit was awful. These are great for my short legs and around the waist as do not sit too high. Like the fact that the knee pads can be adjusted to suit."

   13-Jul-2022    Keith Pawson from Lincolnshire

"Seem to be good jeans, haven't tried them out on a ride yet so I'll leave a four stars. Five stars for JTS Clothing, ordered a pair of the Ultimate Warrior jeans, fitted perfectly apart from being a little too low on the waistline, the wonderful Karen read my message on my return and got in touch. After a bit of measuring she got back with these which fit ideally. Thanks for the help in getting a finicky fella some new jeans ☺️"

   28-Jun-2022    Darrin from Birmingham

"Fantastic service and brilliant helpful staff,the best in the Midlands,definitely recommend to everyone "

In reply JTS wrote:
"That’s great! Thanks Darrin!"

   11-Jun-2022    Gerry Ireland from Norfolk

"Nice jeans that fit well . Being short the knee pads are in the right place. Nice modern slim fit , well pleased"

   8-Jun-2022    Terence Gorman from Greater Manchester.

"Great communication, the jeans fit perfectly, will buy again,no problems. A+++."

   8-Jun-2022    Derek Cumbers from UK

"Being a fat chap I always struggle getting motorcycle clothing i has bought many different brands. I have bought some of the Orlando slim fit water resistant motorcycle jeans. 52"waist or maybe 50" but they offer up to 60" i think. The service was very good as I had to change a pair by return and they turn dit round real quick The jeans fir well accounting for fat mans belly! The A grade knee and hip armour seems good aalthough aha dot use some velcro in the knees to keep it where i wanted it. I may upgrade to D30 Ghost grade 2 when it comes available. Well done JTS will be using you again Big D"

   28-Mar-2022    Paul Upton from Durham

"Great Jeans great fit.Purchased the extra short leg. First time I’ve had knee Armer that fits over my knee Will be ordering another pair soon "

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the comments Paul, glad the extra short leg fitted you! "

   18-Nov-2021    Anthony English from Leicestershire

"Excellent quality and fit at a very competitive price."

   17-Nov-2021    Anthony English from Leicestershire

"Excellent quality and fit at a very competitive price."

   13-Nov-2021    Adam Shaw from United Kingdom

"At 6ft4in it’s almost impossible to buy any motorcycle trousers that fit. I’m a w34, l36 in Levi’s and I’ve tried a few pairs of other motorcycle trousers that claim to be long but in reality aren’t. These jeans are the exception. They are very long, very well made, look really good and are extremely comfortable. They’re mid-weight, slightly stretchy and offer great protection. I’m really struggling to find a reason not to give them 100% for a tall, slim rider. Basically the perfect slim fit jean. Period. "

In reply JTS wrote:
"That's great to hear! Thank you for the great comments Adam."

   10-Sep-2021    Steve Kennedy from Berkshire

"An excellent pair of riding jeans. The armour is light and comfortable. Competitively priced. Thanks."

   2-Sep-2021    Colin Taylor from CHESHIRE


In reply JTS wrote:
"Hi Colin, yes these are a standard fit Jean, not high waisted. The Oxford original Jeans are higher waisted. "

   19-Aug-2021    Martin Benn from Cambridgeshire

"Excellent service as ever from JTS, very quick delivery. The jeans are excellent, good fit, sizing is exactly as descibed. Quality is very good and armour is a good standard too, lije the factvit actually comes with hip armour as standard. They are fairly thick and quite heavy but you dont notice this when they are on and are so comfy. Have been caught in one of this pap countries rain showers already and the rain proofing seemed to work well. I will definitely order another pair!"

   23-Jul-2021    Ian Braund from Fermanagh

"Brilliant fit and comfortable pair of jeans, bit on the heavy side and warm but much lighter and cooler than leathers ! Haven’t tested impact and abrasion yet and hope never will, but they seem very well made and tough. Service. Excellent from JTS.."

   14-Jul-2021    Nicholas Barton from London

"Good fit and great that they come in large sizes! With the stretch material they are comfortable to wear on the bike. I wouldn’t, however, want to wear them fir long periods off the bike as they are quite heavy and would be too warm. Being warm is, of course, a big advantage when riding."

   30-Jun-2021    Nick Barrett from Derbyshire

"Great pair of jeans for warm weather riding. Slim fit but exact sizing. Definitely worth the money. "

   23-Jun-2021    Nicholas Gilbert from Oxfordshire

"Very impressed with these jeans. Very comfortable. I find them best if a tad too large and worn with braces. Excellent value"

   18-Jun-2021    Greg Miller from UK

"Very comfortable trousers with adequate padding and protection."

   18-Jun-2021    Al Harington from Uk

"+ Good fit with a little stretch around waste for me makes it more comfortable. Very happy with purchase - Delivery by Parcelforce wasn’t the best, it was on delivery vehicle but failed to get to me on agreed date had to wait in for re- delivery next day"