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JTS Tourmax Evo Waterproof Textile Motorcycle Trousers

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   3-Mar-2024    Clifford Green from Uk

"I'm a big guy so been struggling to get the right fitting bought these from JTS they perfect fit with the braces and side tags to tighten there comfy comfortable to ride great item "

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the great review Clifford!"

   9-Feb-2024    Baz from Dumfrieshire

"Only 4* because I've not worn them on the bike in the cold and wet. But that won't be long I'm sure. I am usually a 38/40 waist but needed a 44 in these . Now they fit comfy and not too tight. I'm not a power ranger, more of a cruiser. These'l do just fine. And, bought and returned 2 pair of smaller size, no hassle from Karen and the team. Pleasure doing business with you. Oh, and I bought the jacket to match. All good there too."

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the detailed review Baz! Glad we got you sorted in the end. It would be great hear back from you after some wet weather riding! "

   1-Feb-2024    Rhys Penny from United kingdom

"Absolutely great trousers can't praise them enough, the only downside I have had is the thermal liner deteriorated quite quickly at the seams on the ankle and crotch. All together though a brilliant pair of trousers that are comfy to wear and ride in, fairly breathableyet waterproof. Will be buying these again in the future if the need arises."

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the great review Rhys! Sorry to hear about the lining but glad to hear how well the trousers have functioned. We will get in contact and see what we can do for you. "

   4-Dec-2023    James G Quinn from Glasgow

"Great company to deal with. Great range of sizes and styles at very competitive prices with a helpful staff and a good returns system that works well. "

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the great review James! We're glad to hear how happy you are with our sevice!"

   24-Nov-2023    Spencer Peachey from Norfolk

"I can't speak highly enough about these trousers, 1600 mile tour of the NC500 in May this year (2023) encountered high and low temperatures, the trousers where warm in the cold and cool in the warm, lmpressed me that much I bought a second pair. Tourmax jacket and trousers a great combination. It's the only place I shop,great fit,quality and fast service. THANKS."

In reply JTS wrote:
"It is amazing to hear from customers that have had used our products for some good mileage and especially when they're so impressed they buy another pair!! Thank you for the awesome review Spencer!"

   21-Nov-2023    andrew stewart from Scotland

"Really pleased with my purchase. I'm 6ft 3" and always struggle to get motorbike trousers that are long enough. The 38 XL is a perfect fit and sits just above the lower part my boots when I'm riding the bike.As said on previous reviews I'd go a waist size up as I'm a 36 waist. Good quality trousers with a nice warm removable liner. I haven't been out in the rain but judging by previous reviews I've nothing to worry about. Thanks for providing me with a great bit of kit!"

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the great review Andrew! We're pleased to hear how happy you are with our Tourmax Evo torusers!"

   20-Nov-2023    eric holland from Co. Tipperary. Ireland

"Put my order in on Friday.. And got it today ...great service, and the leggings look and fit fantastic as of a short leg and larger size ... They fitting is larger then needed but there is pull straps that make the waist smaller which is its allowed for weight loss or gain ...really like the extra leather on legs for engine heat ..straps are a lightweight elastic so maybe increase the strength in those.. Have not tryed them on bike yet but very happy so far ... As there on offer at min its a good price but been from Ireland "

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the great review Eric!"

   10-Nov-2023    Bartosz Szpunt from Kent

"Fantastic product. Sturdy and veeeery warm. And indeed, waterproof! Confirmed in a heavy downpour. "

In reply JTS wrote:
"We're pleased to hear you're happy with the trousers! Thank you for the great review and feedback Bartosz!"

   7-Nov-2023    Robert Christison from Scotland

"Good quality super fit I’ll definitely be buying more JTS gear as I was also pleased with the price!! "

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the great review Robert!"

   28-Oct-2023    James Quinn from Glasgow

"Nice fitting trousers fully watertight and warm on the road."

In reply JTS wrote:
"Glad to hear your happy with the trousers James! Thank you for the review!"

   15-Jul-2023    John Fisher from Warwickshire

"Superb quality and fit. Can confirm waterproof quality after today's deluge. Nick was a great help with choice and fitting."

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the great review John!"

   23-Jun-2023    Michael Barlow from Derbyshire

"These trousers are a fantastic product. The fit, and the quality.. "

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for your review Michael!"

   8-Jun-2023    Martyn Stockley from Warwickshire

"Good value trousers"

   3-May-2023    Trevor Clarke from Surrey

"Very nice trousers - quality and fit is excellent and since I got caught in a down pour of biblical scale on the first time I wore them I can vouch for them being waterproof. Nice and warm to! The service I received from the very patient and helpful lady who answered multiple calls whilst I was measuring up and selecting was exceptional. Thank you."

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the great review and lovely comments Trevor!"

   1-May-2023    John Todd from Lancashire

"Excellent product, I have used this company before. Great range of sizes. I read previous reviews, I took note about the comments on sizing and went 2 sizes up from normal trousers ie. I ordered size 40. I normally take 36 trousers. They fit perfectly. They are very warm, not had time to test the waterproof, no rain. I would highly recommend this product. Excellent service from the lady, that aI spoke to. They arrived on time, no problems at all."

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for your review John!"

   14-Apr-2023    Rodney Darling from East Lothian Scotland

"Very comfortable good value. Excellent customer service. "

   14-Apr-2023    Damian Wraight from UK

"Quick service , came 2 days early, fit exactly as the JTS web site size chart ( Big lad ) well made, about to test on long ride in May"

   24-Mar-2023    Adam Houghton from Uk

"Went out in heavy rain for 4 hr ride, expected to be soaked through when I got back but was completely bone dry "

In reply JTS wrote:
"Glad you’re impressed! Thank you for reviewing them Adam. "

   9-Mar-2023    Jonathan Barden from UK

"Excellent trousers that are warm and give a sense of security. Delivered quickly and efficiently. I have used JTS before and I will use them again. A very good supplier."

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you Jonathan!"

   2-Mar-2023    Ray Salter from south glos

"4 stars because the top press stud has a tendency to pop open. I intend to replace this top stud with hook and bar fastener which should fix this issue, That said these are the best motorcycle trousers I have had in 56 years of riding motorcycles warm and completely waterproof . "

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the great review Ray and sorry about the issue you have with the front popper. We can replace studs so if you require us to do this for you, please let us know."

   23-Dec-2022    Robin Taylor from Surrey

"Use today in torrential rain and, for my 45 min ride, dry as a bone so all good. Not keen on pop studs as waist fasteners, big fat toes like me cause then to do just that, pop open. Hook fasteners would have been better. They are quite warm but who is complaining when it was -6. I have given 5stars as, for the price, they are excellent value and are exactly as they say on the tin. "

   10-Dec-2022    Graham Snooks from England

"Get two sizes too big. They are warm waterproof and comfortable, but surprisingly heavy. The knee pads don’t quite centre on your knees. The pockets are great and the quality is good. They are also very good value."

   6-Dec-2022    Steve Kennedy from Berkshire

"Excellent pair of riding trousers. Used them a couple of times recently and they are warm and waterproof. The availability of the short inside leg is a bonus for me as I am not very tall! Delivery was very prompt. Thanks."

   2-Dec-2022    David Mountford from Uk

"Great, trousers, as a short yet chunky guy 5" 5" tall, hard to find clothes to fit sometimes, these seem like great quality, been out in the rain and kept me warm and dry. "

   1-Dec-2022    John Currier from UK

"Finally, textile trousers that fit my short legs. I changed the armour in the knees and hips for larger ones but that was just my preference. I dropped 1 star because no belt loops at the front part of the trousers which 1:- would help stop the side belts from rising above the waist edge of the trousers even when tightened 2:- the loops would stop the ends of the belts just flapping about"

   27-Oct-2022    Bethany Goodwin from West Yorkshire

"A potentially unusual review for these, but I had to drop back in and highly recommend these trousers for any woman looking for gear suitable for pregnancy. I had a holiday booked for this summer, which turned out to be at the end of my second trimester and spent a month trying to find suitable safety gear which would fit over a bump. After no luck on forums I ended up here based on a recommendation to a man who described himself as having a "pregnancy style beer gut". Well these aren't the most glamorous of trousers, but what they are is practical. The braces meant that they were secure even though the top of my bump was the largest measurement and the knee pads were well-adjustable (though could do with a more secure way to hold them in place as they had to be re-adjusted a few times). My only gripe really was the hip protectors which were not quite in the right spots but given the ask, that's not a big problem. They were comfortable both in >30Degree heat, and in a thunderstorm - and barely let any water through after an hour of torrential rain. Highly recommended."

In reply JTS wrote:
"Wow! First time to have a review for maternity wear! Glad you like them!"

   21-Oct-2022    Alan Griffin from Kent

"Sizes were a lot smaller than I'd hoped but returns were v easy and the service was first class so eventually I got the right trousers in the right size. Quality is first class and I'm very pleased. Lovely people to deal with and I'll definitely use them again"

   13-Oct-2022    Hazel Fell from West Yorkshire

"Great trousers, with short legs and adjustable waist it good for the larger rider. Quick delivery. "

   11-Oct-2022    Wayne Hawkett from Kent

"Really comfortable and warm but you will have to order 2 sizes up as thay come up small apart from that all good the service is 5 star very helpful will order again no problem "

   11-Oct-2022    Simon Dye from Middlesex

"Good quality for the money. Pretty comfy. My second outing in these trousers was a two hour motorway ride, heavy rain the whole way. They were waterproof to a point but eventually leaked (most gear would under those circumstances) Even when they were wet I was still warm and comfortable. I’d buy them again. "

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you of the great review Simon."

   10-Oct-2022    Martin B. from Stirlingshire

"I should state right away that I'm a Powerchair user, I purchased these to keep warm and dry when I'm out & about in my chair. Perfect is all that I can say, I made a great choice. Thank you"

   5-Oct-2022    Jakub from LONDON


In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the great review Jakub. "

   30-Sep-2022    Jakub from Surrey London

"great waterproof, insulated pants with motorcycle braces and a good price RECOMMENDED"

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the review Jakub"

   29-Aug-2022    Rob Bowbrick from Surrey

"Good price good fit an comfortable. "

   23-Aug-2022    Richard James Vassiliou from Kent

"Hi, I am really happy with the quality and fit of these trousers. I ordered a size up, 36" waist and long leg. I am 34" waist and 33" leg. They fit perfect. Not too tight and not too loose. Just right. I took the lining out too, to try for size and for and still a good fit. I did find, and it's not a deal breaker, that the braces were twisted. I unpicked a row of stitching at the bottom of the Y on the braces, twisted the braces in the retainer and sewed them up again with black thread. It didn't affect the integrity of the braces. Took me five minutes and braces work perfectly. I am ever so delighted with these trousers and would order them again. Without hesitation."

   12-Jul-2022    Dan Davies from Wales

"Really good fit and great pair of trousers. High waisted which is good, protection seems good and the detachable braces are good. I'm a 48 Inc waist with 29 inch legs and the 8xl with short legs fit like a glove."

   24-May-2022    RObert POULTER from ISLE OF WIGHT

"The product was just what I was after. A very speedy service. Thanks JTS"

   1-May-2022    John Williams from South Staffs

"An update on my previous review... Did a 120 mile run today in near constant rain. can confirm, waterproof!"

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thanks for the update John! "

   28-Apr-2022    John Williams from South Staffs

"Can't believe how good the quality is. I went up 2 sizes and they fit perfectly. Would definitely recommend. Not tested the waterproofing yet, but judging by the quality i would imagine there would be no problem."

   27-Apr-2022    Paul Turner from Hants

"Well made, good quality , excellent service , good value."

   15-Apr-2022    Glenn Dawkins from Monmouthshire

"Great trousers at a great price and thank you for looking after the larger rider. I bought these to replace my leather trousers I got in the 1990s. I’m 6ft 8 1/2 and 20 something stone and the 37 leg and 46 waist fits perfectly. Only done 100 miles in them so far and they were comfy and warm. Lining will be coming out now the weathers getting warmer. If I had to change anything I’d angle the side leg pockets so they're angled up whilst in a riding position to stop anything falling out, they do have two stud/pop fasteners but I’m unlikely to use them with that type of fastener. If they had Zips I would use them as they are. Not used in the wet yet. Overall I’m happy with the purchase. "

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for your appreciation and detailed review Glenn. Point noted about the side pockets. "

   29-Mar-2022    Raymond Blomley from Lancashire

"What can I say at 6' 5" these pants actually fit me after many years with putting up with short lengths. Many thanks to the staff for a great service and excellent advice I wish all sellers where as helpful."

   22-Mar-2022    Ian Blayney from UK

"Ordered size 40 but I'm actually 38 (XL) as another review said slightly small on size, no 40 in stock so they sent me a 38, when I tried them on i'de say more like a 34! "

   23-Jan-2022    Ian Mc. from Derbys.

"Hello JTS,this is more of an observation after use rather than being derogatory,I purchased the Tourmax Evo trousers some weeks ago and have worn them about half a dozen times.Comfortable and definitely waterproof,but,there seems to be a lot of excess material around the bottom of the trouser legs which makes it really awkward to get your feet through, once you have though it seems to settle down into the correct position. The only other observation is: get your suppliers to put stronger elastic on the built in bracers as it is not strong enough to hold the trousers up.Otherwise they are good value and well made trousers."

In reply JTS wrote:
"Hello Ian! Thank you for reviewing these trousers. Point noted about the braces and will also look at the excess material that you referred to. No one else has commented on this but we will still check it out. Always looking to make improvements, thank you. "

   28-Dec-2021    Neil Lindsay from scotland

"great service ,from JTS im an akward size to fit so mkudos to them for supplying these waterproof textile trousers ,they fit and feel great,,,good to find a reliable supplier that comes up with what you want and need ,thanks again"

In reply JTS wrote:
"Glad you like them! Thank you. "

   21-Dec-2021    Paul Townsend from UK

"Absolutely perfect, the best trousers I have ever purchased. "

In reply JTS wrote:
"Wow, that’s great!"

   9-Dec-2021    Mervin Chong from London

"I’ll start by saying wow! Really good touring trousers. Really warm and comfortable. The different lengths available are amazing, very hard finding right lengths for the shorter rider "

   8-Dec-2021    Mark Chadwick from Rhondda Cynon Taff

"These are very warm trousers. We recently have some cold weather 1-3C and I was warm as toast on my 30 miles each way commute on my NC700. So absolutely recommended for warmth and comfort. They have been in one heavy shower, are were absolutely fine - no wet patches or leaks, but I have yet to be caught in consistent rain. I'm 6' 3" and 18 stone and a 38" waist in trousers. So played safe and went for the 40" long fit, and they were spot on. So would probably go one waist size up."

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the detailed review!"

   22-Nov-2021    Gordon Bailey from Dumfries and Galloway

"Hi Guys, I'm very pleased with my waterproof trousers they fit very well in fact there is plenty of room which allows me to have extra layers if needed I will be buying more items from you Guys at JTS all the best and have a good Xmas."

In reply JTS wrote:
"Hi Gordon, thank you for your comments and glad you're happy with them! Merry Xmas to you too! "

   18-Oct-2021    Darren Egginton from Staffordshire

"Great item, Waterproofing is good only used in medium showers though so far. Comfortable fit and great look "

   6-Oct-2021    Ian Wiles from England

"Heavy rain 10hrs these failed to keep me dry in the saddle area..."

In reply JTS wrote:
"These are waterproof but 10 hours of heavy rain sitting in a puddle is quite a big ask!"

   5-Oct-2021    David Booth from Uk

"Excellent product. Much recommended."

   22-Sep-2021    Dennis from Scotland

"Very comfortable and warm, I ordered the size as per my normal trouser size and they fit perfectly. They were faultless in a recent run in the rain."

   16-Sep-2021    Dean Jones from Armagh

"Haven't used yet but looks superb quality & very thick so feels very warm with lining in. Was recommended to JTS due to the quality of gear and competitive prices, & tbh I wouldn't look elsewhere now!"

   16-Sep-2021    Andrew Watson from Fife

"Definitely do the job. An 11 day trip with occasional rain. No issues at all"

   15-Sep-2021    Peter Hobbs from Northamptonshire

"Great advice from the lady I spoke to, go up a waist size and they fit perfectly. Not the tallest rider, but at 6'5" with a 35" inside leg they are spot on and don't end up above my boots when I get off the bike."

   3-Sep-2021    Carl-Michael "Bellman" Hellström from Värmdö, Sweden

"I love it! Good in size och perfect fit around waist and legs. It's improved from my first pair (2015): - Double push-buttons on the waist, - Velcro on the fly protection - Zip on the side instead back of the leg - Improved attachment of the winter liner on the leg - Better fabrik inside the legzip (the zip don't hook up!) A double stich from the crotch out to the legs inseam and it would have been 5 stars! Good work! Bellman, Värmdö, Sweden "

   1-Sep-2021    Alan Taylor from Essex

"I have only given four stars because haven't used them in the rain so not a 100% sure how good they are. A side from that are well put together and the quality is as good as a pair of Hein Gericke I had not so long ago. Comes with bracers could do with more adjustment mine are a little bit loose so might have to do my own adjustments after the warranty run out. All in I am quite happy with them,and I would recommend if asked. Alan."

   23-Aug-2021    Ian from Tyne and wear

"Cant fault these , perfect fit however i did go two sizes up. Great quality decent price and best customer service .thankyou"

   23-Aug-2021    Lee Schofield from England

"Great fitting very comfortable to wear. Look great, would recommend these to anyone. They are waterproof nothing gets through. "

   23-Aug-2021    Neville Price from West Sussex

"Nice trousers but they come up small on the waist, I ordered one size larger than I'd normally wear but they were still tight so had to go up in size again."