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Richa Colt Short Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

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From 6 Reviews

   23-May-2024    Chris Frost from West Sussex

"I recently purchased the Richa Colt Short Waterproof Motorcycle Boots, and they have quickly become my go-to footwear for riding. These boots offer outstanding comfort right out of the box with no break-in period needed. The waterproof feature has proven its worth, keeping my feet dry in heavy rain without sacrificing breathability. The build quality is top-notch, with durable materials and sturdy construction that provide excellent protection. The design is sleek and stylish, making them perfect for both riding and casual wear. The grip on the soles is fantastic, providing stability and confidence on and off the bike. Highly recommended for anyone looking for reliable and comfortable motorcycle boots!"

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the very detailed and awesome review Chris!"

   27-Apr-2024    David Robinson from Cumbria

"Poor leather lets the product down. It bleaches white when in rain & leaves a permanent stain on the boots. Also despite wearing thick socks, I have a deep cut on my shin bone where the leather upper has rubbed. "

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for your review David. We have requested some comments from our supplier to see if there is anything they can offer you. We will let you know when we have a response."

   3-Oct-2023    Ivor Pritchard from Warwickshire

"A really nice snug fitting boot rode out in the rain and my little tutsie's were dry, happy days. "

   12-Oct-2022    Michael Thomas from Uk

"Really good comfortable boot not used in rain yet these boots have increased my height by 1inch good if on short size for tall bike "

   10-Sep-2022    Georges Samara from Wiltshire

"5 stars because they satisfy what I need and for quality, price, fast delivery and easy return policy.. I actually bought the wrong size (1up). a bit too loose for my liking, but then I remembered that I wear thick socks (anti bacteria, moisture wicking and all that). So I tried them with the socks and they fit nicely. Not too loose and not too tight and do not compromise protection. Your type of feet may vary. Very easy to return though, they have a good policy for that and they are fast. They give excellent grip and do not need much breaking in. Easy to move about. They have a good height for enhanced grip. Waterproofing need to be tested obviously. Buckles are good and adjustable and can be changed. I am happy with my purchase. "

   19-May-2022    Mrs Lorna Willetts from Dorset

"I needed some grippy boots that give me a little bit of height as I'm not the tallest. These boots are fantastic for just that, making parking manoeuvres alot easier. It's a little chunkier when I'm changing gear but I'm getting used to it. Very solid around the ankle. Very pleased with my purchase. "