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JTS Podium Waterproof Textile Motorcycle Trousers

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   13-Jul-2020    Desmond Powell from GLOUCESTERSHIRE

"I have awarded these 5 stars based on the price I paid in the sale. They are actually worth every penny of the normal price as they are well made, comfortable, good pockets etc etc. In the sale at £69 exceptional value. The only BIG ISSUE is addressed in the new designs in that the knee protector position is not correct for me and no adjustment in this earlier model. That said at this price point still great!"

   25-May-2020    Chris Pettifer from Northamptonshire

"Well chuffed with the trousers , fit and the service. Already had to test the trousers in a downpour and was dry and warm Really, really impressed all round. "

   18-Mar-2020    Chris Edmonds from Middx

"Up to the usual high standard I have received over many years. "

   13-Feb-2020    Scott Fleming from ANGUS

"These are not as fancy as some trousers I've tried but that is reflected in the bargain price. Sizing seems to be the biggest issue with textile trousers but these are pretty good. I'm a W30 L30 in normal jeans and W28 Regular in these are just a wee bit snug at the waist (W28 or W40 is all that was available) and ideal length when sat on the bike. The knee protection positioning is not great. They seem cosy enough but no test of their waterproof quality yet. If the JTS Explorer Evo had been available in my size I would have gone with those - elastic at the waist and better knee armour with adjustable positioning - but they weren't. Overall, at £69.99, these are good value."

   9-Oct-2019    David Bunn from Uk

"Warmest and best fitting trousers I have EVER bought. I am 6ft 6 tall with a 36 inside leg. These are great and when I am riding they stay where they are supposed to, I don’t get wet legs or water in me boots due to riding up because they don’t ride up. These are just brilliant and I’ve ridden through some pretty monsoon rain."

   31-Aug-2019    michael cowper from North Yorkshire

"Just received my trousers paid extra for next day sat delivery so as to ride out sun as being a more robust rider I ordered 52” I found them an excellent fit couldn’t wait to try them out they ain’t half warm I’ve had to take the liner out till winter and comfortable as well just need to try in the rain really pleased with them "

   26-Jun-2019    David Gregory from Lancashire

"Spot on as usual "

   4-Jun-2019    Steven O'brien from England

"Great fit even though I’m 6’ 4. Not used in the rain yet but they do seem good quality."

   2-May-2019    Carol Midwood from UkGood quaily

"Good quality and very comfortable. Excellent service and delivery."

   18-Apr-2019    Paul Johnson from North Yorkshire

"Excellent fit, and certainly keep me warm, have not used in the rain yet as try to avoid rainy days. Not taken lining out but looks straight forward, zips to jacket which is definitely a plus"

   1-Apr-2019    Robert Till from Berkshire

"I had to go a waist size up as slightly tight, but now I have a great fitting pair of very comfy and good looking trousers, I brought a pair of Kevlar jeans at same time and ordered same size, jeans fit great, so in my experience I need one size up ,"

   15-Dec-2018    Chris Johnson from Suffolk

"So first, Im 6ft11 with 41-42" waist, so i got the 44" extra tall version, which was around 36" inseam. Waist fit was spot on - loads of room to tuck in, and straps to tighten the waist up. very comfortable. Plenty high enough up the back to keep warm Wore it today for 4 hour lesson in 1degree temp, -6 wind chill. didnt get cold at all - toasty throughout Definitely recommend. Can i also make a HUGE thank you to JTS for realising tall folk want bikes too! Searched for weeks to find someone who can sort me out without going custom. Legends"

In reply JTS wrote:
"Ah you're very welcome Chris and thank you for taking time to leave such great feedback. We really appreciate it."

   13-Dec-2018    Allan Summerfield from Bristol

"Really comfortable with adjustable straps to alter waist. Bought next size up to allow for tucking in warm clothes. The adjusters make it easy and comfortable."

   11-Dec-2018    Ian Garfield from Staffordshire

"Lovely trousers. Fit perfectly and look great. Wore them on a ride in very cold windy weather and my legs were warm and I did not feel the cold at all. They look great too when going into cafe. Thoroughly recommend these trousers."

   4-Oct-2018    David Madams from UK

"Not fair to write a review yet purposly bought too small as a target for next spring (need to lose weight) good quality nice lining very warm when they fit me I am sure they will be excellent."

   23-Aug-2018    Phil Jones from Conwy

"Good fit quality seems reasonable, not been out in really bad weather yet though"

   28-May-2018    Danny Ongley from Kent

"I got the extra short as I only have little legs, almost perfect fit. Bought a size bigger but still Just a tad tight round the belly, had to take liner out so I could do them up. Very warm without the liner, doubt I’ll ever need to put it back in."

   29-Mar-2018    David Mcfarlane from North Lanarkshire

"Bought these trousers, which fitted ok, but, the knee armour was well out of place, 120mm too low and 80mm off centre . Company offered to raise the knee armour, which would still leave it 80mm out of line, and take 10 days to complete, so decided on a refund. Apart from armour position, a good product."

   22-Feb-2018    Marie-helene Derry from Essex

"I bought these for my partner who is 6'1" tall and whose old trousers weren't long enough when he was on his bike. The JTS trousers, size 36 long, are a vast improvement and his ankles are now warm and dry. The trousers fit well and were accurate for his usual trouser size (34/33), even over his ordinary jeans etc. He says they are warm, comfortable and he feels confident they will protect him in the event of an accident. His only niggle is that the lining catches on his feet as he puts them on and pulls the lining out of the bottom of the trouser legs. These then need to be readjusted to sit properly again."

   21-Feb-2018    A best from Uk

"Had them 7 years perfect for riding in the cold UK winter. Still as good as new all that went was the loops at the bottom of the legs which the thermal liner attaches to but easy fix with needle and thread."

   20-Feb-2018    Lee Anderson from UK

"Excellent motorbike trousers for all occasions. Without the lining over normal trousers or with the lining as your only trousers. Top quality. Amazing value for money. I am 6’5 and the trousers are more than long enough with the extra long. Hoping for years of good service after which I will be back to buy more."

   19-Feb-2018    Phill Taylor from Avon

"I have finally bit the bullet and ordered a pair of waterproof combat trousers, although my podium trousers are still magnificent in the cold and wet the lining has now decided to detach its self from the trousers and the lining is split and bagging when i put them on, i'm thinking about cutting the lining out completely and having the trousers as a summer pair of trousers."

In reply JTS wrote:
"Sorry to hear that you are having an issue with the Podium trousers. We have not had any other customers report anything like this. Is it the thermal lining or the lining in the actual trousers themselves that you are having an issue with please? We would be happy to look into this further if you would like to give us a quick call or email some photographs across. Thanks."

   27-Jan-2018    Phill Taylor from Avon

"I bought these waterproof trousers in May 2017 and they have been brilliant in the cold and wet, they are so warm even in below temperatures I don't have to wear anything apart from underwear underneath them, the only problem I have is the lining sticks out the bottom of the waterproof trousers and gets soaking wet when its raining, ive tried pulling the lining up before I go out but it seems to wriggle back down."

In reply JTS wrote:
"Hi Phill, thank you for your feedback, which is very helpful. We're sorry that your are experiencing a minor issue with the lining. If you are able to get these trousers back to us we would be happy to see if we can rectify this for you. I hope this helps. Regards, JTS."

   24-Nov-2017    Stuart from Scotland

"I am 6ft 6in and have always struggled with leg length in textiles. Other trousers have been fine when standing but always ride up over my boots when on the bike. These are extra long in a 36 inch inside leg and are perfect on and off the bike. Removable liner looks great for the summer and it comes with a zip connecting to a jacket which you can sew onto your jacket which I did replacing the existing one."

   6-Oct-2017    Chris Bamber from Northern Ireland

"They're soo good, might as well have 2 pairs :)"

   25-Sep-2017    Chris B from Northern Ireland

"Other brands were disappointing when even long leg lengths rode up over boots, these don't in the 35-36 leg. Great product, will be getting a second pair :)"

   11-Aug-2017    Ian Tetlow from Lancashire

"I have always struggled to find bike trousers to fit me. I am six feet six inch tall so the 35/36 inch leg made for a great fit. Very happy with purchase."

   12-May-2017    Jon from UK

"At 6'5 getting trousers long enough is dam near impossible, I ordered 32 Waist 36 Leg and these are perfect. The additional leg length keeps my boots covered even in a riding position. Reasonable quality great price. Would buy again. J"

   14-Mar-2017    Michael Stanley from United Kingdom

"Fantastic trousers and with having a extra short leg, size spot on in the length. Very warm in the winter and not a drop of rain has come through at all. Smiles all round! Would recommend these to anybody as JTS has got these trousers spot on. I am looking to purchase a second pair for summer but will be taking the liner out on hot days so my other pair will be set up for cold days, winter and rain. Best pair of trousers I have ever worn, better than the top brands! Why pay top money when you can get them from JTS a lot cheaper."

   28-Feb-2017    Raymond Wark from United Kingdom

"Being small I thought I was going to have trouble finding bike gear to fit but these trousers fit very nicely and leg length is just right for me, they are comfortable too and keep out the wind and rain. Very pleased with them and will use JTS again in future."

   23-Jan-2017    Jeremy Jolley from UK

"Good for the price. Excellent because they fit!"

   3-Jan-2017    Francois Bester from Buckinghamshire

"Up to now if I wanted trousers with a long enough inseam I had to get something double my waist size. These trousers are very toasty, I have a 64 mile comute every day and with the temp touching 0 I am so happy I have these keeping my warm."

   1-Dec-2016    Christel Argo from France

"The description is very accurate, the sizing is correct and the trousers fit perfectly. The material and the inner lining you can remove are good quality. I'm very pleased with this purchase."

   14-Nov-2016    Mic walne from Uk

"Had this pair for about 3 years, and they have been a quality product. I have very short legs and finding good fitting kit is difficult. They are fully waterproof, warm in the winter and cool in summer when linings are removed."

   9-Nov-2016    Duane from Devon

"These trousers are a good comfortable fit. I am 34" inside leg so went for the Extra Long size, probably a little bit too long but its fine as when riding my boots stay covered - in the past my trousers have tended to lift above the boot!!!! Went out for the first time in the pouring rain yesterday and they seemed fine, the only thing that got a bit wet was my bottom were the seat was getting soaked, my commute was 40 minutes and it rained the whole time."

   2-Nov-2016    Geoff Pretty from Middlesex

"Excellent service, received only 2 days after placing the order. Good quality and value."

   24-Oct-2016    Gerard Haddock from Amargh

"Nice light and cosy trousers thanks"

   10-Oct-2016    Rob Baxter from United Kingdom

"Having never owned a pair of Motorcycle trousers before i am probably not the best person to write a review. However these trousers are super comfortable and do withstand the elements really well, with an inner insulating layer that can be removed for summer riding. I primarily bought this product as i have a 30" waist and a 36" inside leg, and these fit me perfectly! No more ankle swingers whilst riding, just for this they gets 5 stars."

   13-Sep-2016    Paul McCabe from N Ireland

"I have been wearing these trousers for a year now and they have been very reliable. I ride my bike all year round and they have been warm and totally waterproof over the winter and cool in the summer. They are excellent value for money and have excellent safety features."

   25-Aug-2016    Paul Watson from UK

"Excellent sizing and quality. Most comfortable trousers that are well priced for what they are!"

   22-Jul-2016    David Gregory from Lancashire

"Spot on, this is my second pair, zip went on the first pair after 2 plus years,but you can't moan for what they cost, last pair never let a drop of rain in (well used through the winter) they suit my gangly frame a treat -- Gremlin"

   18-Jul-2016    Norman Kerr from Scotland

"Smashing trews that are waterproof and essential for biking. Highly recommended!"