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JTS Ultimate Level 1 Back Protector

Average Rating

From 10 Reviews

   5-Oct-2023    David Reynolds from UK

"Good quality back protector that fits well into my jacket "

   29-Aug-2023    T Sawyer from Cumbria

"Barely know it's there and hopefully won't find out how effective it is "

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thanks for the great review!"

   11-May-2023    Rhys Doble from Uk

"Spot on size wise. Fits really well in my jacket, I hope it never has to be tested. Definitely recommend getting a protector on any jacket that doesn’t have one."

   2-May-2023    Keith Straw from West Midlands

"I love the way we are asked for a review of a product before we can have used it. In this case, I hope never to use it. The best I can say is it fits my jacket and is comfortable to wear."

   4-Aug-2019    Daniel White from Leicestershire

"Comfortable but degrades after a while. Found mine had split and broken in half inside the jacket in under a years worth of use."

In reply JTS wrote:
"We're very sorry to hear this Daniel. This is the first time we have heard of an issue with our JTS Ultimate armour. We do provide a year warranty on our armour so as long as this is within that time frame, please feel free to return the item for our inspection. Thanks. "

   8-Mar-2019    Nicholas Hardy-birt from England

"Easy to fit, comfortable to wear, I hope I never find out how well it works!"

   23-Jul-2018    John Harrison from North Yorkshire

"Very good piece of back protection..hopefully wiilnever need it good value for money."

   12-Jun-2018    Andy Cobbin from Shropshire

"Very good but as I'm a big guy it does move down in the pocket in my jacket but it's really comfy and I hardly notice it"

   27-Sep-2017    Nick Lee from Leicestershire

"Very comfortable and discreet."

   8-Aug-2017    Mike Bartram from UK

"Fits my JTS jackets back protector pocket without a problem, way better than the beermat included with the jacket, comfortable and you barely know it's there."