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Held Aqua Motorcycle Rain Pants Art 6557

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From 2 Reviews

   4-Oct-2021    phil from south yorkshire

"I hear these are good and in particular do not leak at the crotch very important on a lot of bikes as water can pool there and eventually finds it way in. Always with Oxford's and many others Lack of access to the pockets is what I would expect from waterproof over trousers. Besides most people with sense avoid putting things in pockets when riding motorcycles for obvious safety reasons"

   19-May-2021    John Williams from South Staffs

"I would not review until they were used properly. This came today as me and a few VMCC members did a tour of Worcestershire run today. I wore them for the first time today, in torrential thunder storms and raging hail . these over trousers were comfortable easy to put on and 100% waterproof. Lost one start as could do with pocket access to wallet ect. would buy again."