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Held Mistral II Motorcycle Rain Jacket Art 6155

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From 2 Reviews

   28-Apr-2022    Chris Hall from England UK

"I am unable to review the product yet as it has not been used for purpose but it looks quality and I have other Held clothing gloves, Jacket, gore Tex touring Trousers and all are superb JTS have been a good helpful supplier to me sice the mid eighties I think that says it all! Thank you JTS "

In reply JTS wrote:
"Glad to hear this, thanks Chris."

   13-Jun-2019    Paul Poxon from Staffs

"Just need to used the rain jacket on a ride back from Dove, Return trio from the D day landing celebrations in Normandy. Some of the worst rain I've had to ride through a long time. Jacket kept me warm and dry, not too bulky to stow in a panier lid either. Recommended."