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JTS Cobra 3 Mens Leather Motorcycle Trousers

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   7-Nov-2018    Robert Jackson from Conwy

"Beautifully constructed...beautiful quality leather...but the fit was inaccurate. By that I mean the waist was correct but the extended flap at the back just flapped about and left a big gap between it and my back. The leg proportions were too generous. I found that particularly in the thigh regions there simply was too much leather there, so the fit in that region was....just too generous. I exchanged these for a different style of leather jean that has the provision of attaching a belt. This replacement jean was described as being a "touring" jean as opposed to the Cobra 3 jeans having the title as being more race orientated. Well, that may well be, (although can't quite agree with this differentiation) and this unfortunate excess leather I referred to may have some connection with the fact that I was ordering quite a large size waist, which in all fairness may have influenced the generous cut I was referring to earlier.....and it may be that smaller waist sizes do not suffer from this affliction of being too generous a cut."

   3-Aug-2018    Chris Brookhouse from Fife

"Really comfortable and really good quality leather! Well worth the money paid, thanks again"

   20-Jul-2018    Mike Greig from Scotland

"Great price super fast service will use again"

   15-Jun-2018    Darren Orpwood from Kent

"Excellent item, fits great for my little legs ....well pleased"

   6-Jun-2018    Tim Stokes from south yorkshire

"Pleased with trousers but was told to get long with my leg length but needed to change to regular."

   17-Apr-2018    Gary Lucas from Bucks

"The waist size is as stated for the product and i went for the shorter leg size so they fitted into the boots ok. They are comfortable to wear all day."

   2-Feb-2018    Ben Vale from Fife

"Awesome but if cow at a very fair price!!! Having had lots of problems with getting other brands to fit, I was amazed that this companies kit does exactly what it says on the tin and I little annoyed at myself for ordering one size up despite the websites advise! With a pair of braces they’re perfect winter leathers for layer underneath, ridden in -4degrees and through rain and finished of smiling after both!! Well worth a purchase!!!"

   4-Jan-2018    Thomas Will from Scotland

"Really good value, comfortable fit, even after fitting some hip armour (D30). Just one thing, when they warn you about the leg length- listen to them! I just about got away with the short length, but the even shorter leg would have probably been perfect."

   12-Oct-2017    David Evans from West glam

"Nice fit looks smart"

   17-Aug-2017    Alan Shaw from Worcestershire

"Happy with the trousers I now have. Shame that the first pair were faulty and had to be returned, in fact the first pair bare little resemblance to the replacement. Different fit and completely different waste fastenings?? Me thinks the first pair were old stock damaged and should not have been sent out."

In reply JTS wrote:
"We are glad that you are happy with the trousers now. Apologies that the first pair had a faulty waist fastener. This must have been missed during our despatch checking process, our sincere apologies for this. The only change to these trousers has been the waist fastener, however the fit can vary slightly as no pair of leather trousers tend fit exactly the same. Many thanks for your feedback."

   24-Apr-2017    Jackie Rae from Scotland

"Outstanding quality good gear"

   10-Apr-2017    Josh Mcclune from Antrim

"Just the item i been looking for. I would recommend these for anyone else who struggled to find leathers in short leg. They are worth the buy and i look forward to putting the miles in on them"

   21-Mar-2017    Leslie Tibbles from France

"First class all the way, ordered the trousers on Saturday, delivered Wednesday. Unfortunately had a small problem with hook and eye on waistband so rang them up quickest and most economical solution was arrived at they would send me some press studs (2 days) I find a shop to fit them and they would pay the cost, but as it only cost thirteen euro it was not worth posting them the bill, sorted! I took their advice and ordered the length shorter that my usual trousers which was perfect, they are very comfortable in all aspects, the only thing I personally would like to see are some belt loops as the good quality leather is as you would expect heavy and when walking around they tend to slip down around the backside. I will use JTS again!! Les"

In reply JTS wrote:
"Thank you for the excellent feedback Les. I'm glad that you got the hook sorted and that is very kind of you not to forward on the bill but we are more than happy to reimburse you if needed :) Also, thank you for the belt loop suggestion. We will look forward to dealing with you again in the future."

   15-Jan-2017    Paul Williams from New Zealand

"Ordered these over the internet a few weeks before Christmas and they took 6 days to arrive in New Zealand. Customs made me pay GST (15% tax) plus some customs clearance fee. there was an issue with one of the popper domes but the customer service and follow up was great - replacements in the mail again 6-days later. I'm a bigger guy (135kg) and they fit really well and are very comfortable. Would recommend."

   2-Nov-2016    ian jennings from Devon

"Ideal xs trouser nice fit. the only negative are the 2 pocket zips no where near big enough unusable but thats just being picky"

   19-Oct-2016    Colin Taylor from Cheshire

"Arrived next day. Quality of garment is excellent. Cannot fault, and will definitely used again. Thank You."

   21-Jul-2016    Paul Watson from United Kingdom

"Good quality, (almost) perfect sizing and very quick delivery. They're a great fit - apart from being too long for me (even though I ordered the short version - I'm clearly too short :-) ). Feel very comfortable to wear too."