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D3O Back Protector

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From 6 Reviews

   21-Sep-2022    Toby Gemmill from Warwickshire

"Comfortable to wear, fits the jacket well. "

   20-Sep-2021    Stuart Tomlin from Buckinghamshire

"The D30 is lightweight, moulds beautifully to your back and although I've thankfully never tested it in a crash, and hope I never do, if you have your wife punch you as hard as she can, it's surprisingly good at spreading the force across your back, although I'm told it's not so good across your knuckles!"

   28-Jun-2019    Neil Mackie from Central Scotland

"Looks substantial but very pliable and a perfect fit in the Alpinestars Drystar v2 jacket. Very comfortable to wear an reassuring. Good value. Thankfully not used it in anger and hope never to! "

   27-Mar-2019    Beat Meier from Ireland

"Jacket I purchased did not have a pocket big enough..... returns and replacement is agreed."

   5-Jun-2018    Debbie Wills from United Kingdom

"Although this item is difficult to source and get the correct size, when we did manage to get one, we are very pleased with the product and fit. Hopefully it will do the job if ever required. Furygan could do with printing the required size inside each jacket. This would save time and money wasted by its customers. Apart from this we love Furygan products."

   14-Sep-2016    Andrew Emson from South Yorkshire

"I ordered a couple of these to replace existing back armour, as was so impressed with the same brand elbow and shoulder armour. It's a little heavier than the standard that comes with new clothing, but much more comfortable and flexible. Be careful when ordering. I originally purchased XL as this was the size of my jacket, but was far too big for the back pocket, and needed a medium. Not a problem for JTS, after a phone call, the lovely lady took the trouble to measure a smaller size that would fit, and a replacement was delivered the next day."