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JTS Jaxx Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

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   22-Jan-2019    Andrew Davies from England

"Worn for around 6 hours of riding, size 11 fits exactly as advertised. I'm 6,3", slim, standard size 11. I've always worn 2 pairs of socks whilst riding as it's been consistently between 1 and 3 degrees, but so far fit perfectly fine, no pains or rubbing. No water has been let in so far and my feet have stayed at a perfectly reasonable temperature for riding. Boots feel tough and ankle protection seems good for the price. There is also increased toe protection which will help with wear whilst changing gears hundreds of times a day. Well built, perfectly happy."

   12-Dec-2018    Allan Summerfield from Bristol

"Very comfortable to walk in and give you a good feel for gear and brake peddles. Not really meant for the winter as feet get a bit cold after a couple of miles. Should be perfect when the weather starts to warm up again. "