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JTS Polar Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves

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   8-Jul-2019    Michael Harrington from South Africa

"I am only responding now as I recently received the gloves I had ordered. They were delivered promptly by you, but I had a friend who was going to bring them to me in South Africa. She was delayed so I just recently got the gloves. I am most disappointed! The gloves do not work any better than my existing cheap gloves. To explain: - I commute to work every day and my trip takes about 30 minutes. The temperature has been about 3 – 5 degrees centigrade and my hands are frozen by the time I arrive at work. I appreciate that I am 6000 miles away and that returning the gloves is not practical, so I will do nothing, but I do think your write-up on the gloves is wrong."

In reply JTS wrote:
"Hi Mike. We're very sorry and surprised to hear this. The Polar gloves have sold really well and no one else has come back with any issues. If the gloves are still new with the tags attached, then we do allow up to one year for the item to be returned so when you're friend is next over she could always return these to us when she arrives back in the UK. Thanks."

   22-Jan-2019    Andrew Davies from England

"I've worn these for around 6 hours of riding now (lessons). The two sessions I have used these gloves for have been on road riding for 3 hours and Mod 1 training for 3 hours, both hovering between 1 and 3 degrees. Hands have stayed comfortable and have not suffered from loss of feeling or any cold related issues. Very impressed. I have always been a large in glove size and these fit perfectly in that size category. I'm slim, 6,3"."

   28-Oct-2017    Brian from Northumberland

"I'm really pleased with these gloves. Warm and very comfortable. I'm normally a size large but XL fit me perfectly."