We are scheduling appointments for Friday 22nd May!

Monday, 18th May, 2020

Our shop is still closed and wherever possible, we are trying to encourage our customers to place orders online.

However, if you feel that you need some gear that you are unable to order online, we are going to allow customers to come into our showroom but this must be done by appointment only. This is because we are having to follow the government's guidelines and we want to do this as safely as we possibly can.

If you are interested in having an appointment, please contact us in advance via email: info@jtsbikerclothing.com or call during opening hours. We would also need to know what items you interested in. This way we can have the items ready for you and ensure the correct items are available and then they will go into quarantine. We would ask that you adhere to the government guidelines and maintain the 2 metre distance rule. We will also require you to sanitize your hands on arrival. If you are trying on helmets, we require you to wear a balaclava, which we will provide if you don't have your own. The front of our showroom remains closed with the door locked. Therefore, you would need to come to the back of the store where the carpark is and ring the back door bell for assistance. We ask that you arrive promptly at the time that has been arranged. We also want to encourage card payments where possible.

Our customers and our staff's safety is most important to us. We will announce possible further dates after this Friday.

If you are interested in having an appointment, please check our website so that you have a good idea of what you will require and then contact us on 01530 812121 or email us info@jtsbikerclothing.com.


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