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Furygan Blazer 37.5 Motorcycle Gloves

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Colour: Black



Made from 100% leather, the Blazer 37.5® glove combines the quality of traditional Furygan construction methods, with the modern innovation from state-of-the-art thermoregulatory technology.

  • 37.5® Technology: A Revolution in Riding Gloves. Removing moisture from gloves keeps you comfortable longer, extending your ride. When on the bike you need to be prepared for any change in climate. 37.5® Technology in Furygan gloves removes moisture before it builds to sweat, keeping hands dry from the inside.
  • WHAT IS 37.5 TECHNOLOGY?: 37.5® is a thermoregulation technology that interacts with the body and triggers off of humidity. It’s powered by naturally occurring, activated particles.
  • HOW DOES IT WORK?: 37.5® Technology is dynamic—it works with your body to determine if you need warming or cooling based on the amount of humidity next to your skin, which is the body’s way of expressing whether it’s hot or cold. 37.5® particles capture the infrared (IR) energy your body emits and if moisture is present it speeds the evaporation to cool you. If no moisture is present, the IR energy is returned to keep you warm. In every case it’s working to manage the amount of humidity next to skin, which regulates comfort.
  • HOW LONG WILL IT LAST?: 37.5® Technology is a permanent technology that will last the lifetime of the product. It’s not a chemical finish; the natural particles are embedded in the yarns or fibers and will never wash out.
  • THE SCIENCE: Patented 37.5® Technology uses active particles made from volcanic sand. These particles are desiccants that attract water vapor and remove it from the glove, keeping hands dryer longer so you can enjoy your ride, however far you go.
  • 37.5® technology (lining and padding) which captures and releases moisture vapor.
  • Waterproof and breathable membrane.
  • Goat leather.
  • External articulated protection shells for metacarpals.
  • Palm reinforcement.
  • Reflective inserts.
  • Winter thermal « Dual Lining » for optimal protection against the cold with a good feeling on the levers.
  • Furygan Sensitive Science insert for touchscreen devices.

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