Furygan Dorsale D30 Airbag Back Protector

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Colour: Orange

Furygan Dorsale D30  Airbag Back Protector at JTS Biker Clothing




This back protector offers breathable and durable back protection that exceeds CE level 2 certification.

It benefits from the patented D3O technology. It is certified to exceed Level 2 performance requirements. It features a ventilated geometry for better breathability and a lightweight design to maximize wearer comfort. It can be used with all Airbag In&Motion vests and an insert is present to attach an Inflator.


- Always let your garment air dry after use. Never sun-dry it or put it directly in contact with a heating source as it could lead to a premature discolouration or irreversibly damage the waterproof membrane of products featuring this membrane.
- Do not store your shoes in a bag nor in an airtight container.
- Clean your shoes on a regular basis (once a month) with a brush, a damp sponge, and mild detergent (i.e. household soap). Let air dry.
- You can use a waterproofing spray on your shoes as it makes the material more resistant to water as well as to dirt.
- Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry.

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